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NetCom Satelital
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VoIP resellers services

NetCom Satelital offers A-Z as well as direct route termination services for enterprises, service providers and carriers. We are backed by our superior Billing Systems and competitive rates to assure you have the best quality call connections on the market.

We provide our clients with a secured Web interface so customers can view their usage, balance information and customized reports.

Our system supports both SIP and H323 protocols and traffic is accepted from H323 & SIP Gateways, Softswitches, Calling Card Platforms and other compliant VoIP systems.

NetCom Satelital Carrier Benefits

  • Top Quality Worldwide Call Routing
  • Superior Network Security
  • Reliability - Backed up platform to guarantee our services
  • Compatibility - Compatible with all types of hardware: all Gateways, Switches, Call Router Servers.
  • Technical Support - Support plans to assist you with all of your needs
  • Web Management Tool - Check your balance at all times
  • Functional Management Tool - Provides our clients with a detailed report of their calls so they can easily access their traffic and balance of their accounts.